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Welcome to Cornerstone Aquatics Center

You've never seen water like this. Aquatic fitness, recreation, and instruction at its finest. The best water and more ways to use it. We're more than just swimming—we're the next level of health & fitness.


Swim Meet Change--UPDATE TUESDAY 3/3

The swim meet originally scheduled for Tuesday, March 3 has been postponed, due to the weather forecast, to Wednesday March 4. The Lap Pool will be closed from 3-6PM that day, an extra hour after the normal swim team practice period. But the pool will be open from 5-6PM on Tuesday March 3! We apologize for any inconvenience these schedule changes have caused--like you, we are eager for spring so we can stop worrying about weather-related schedule changes!

Chlorine Free?

Technically, we still have chlorine in our water (as required by State law), but with our water sanitation system, we're willing to bet that you won't be able to tell.

Our system, based on drinking water purification technology, continuously eliminates the byproducts of chlorine which can cause eye, skin, and respiratory irritation. Once you've experienced our water, you won't want to swim anywhere else. Our water is sparklingly clear, and completely free from any chlorine odor and taste. Many members report no need to shower after swimming, no lingering chlorine smell on their suits, and a crisp, clean feel to the water. Come experience a quality of water you can't find anywhere else in the State!